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  • Thank you for your interest in the 2022-2023 sports season. Boys basketball will begin 10/03/2022.  Please have all paper work turned in to the front office prior to the start of the season.

     Boy's Basketball Information

    Boys’ Basketball

    2022 Letter to Middle School Athletes and Parents

    Welcome all 2022 Lewis-Palmer Middle School boys’ basketball players and parents! Thank you for making the decision to participate this season. We are looking forward to the upcoming season and have an excellent coaching staff to support our Middle School athletes in their academic and athletic endeavors. Before the season begins, we would like to establish a few expectations we have for our “Patriot Athletes.” These guidelines are in place to ensure that the season is successful and enjoyable for everyone! 

    Our students are committing to the following:

    • Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. Please inform the coach at the beginning of the season of any pre-existing conflicts. This valuable communication enables the coaching staff to plan accordingly and are not surprised by last minute changes. Additionally, we do understand that things come up (sickness, injury, family emergencies, etc.) and will work in partnership with you to support your family and athlete. 
    • Students are ineligible for athletic competition if they earn 2 Ds or an F in their overall grades. Grade checks are conducted weekly. The Athletic Director and coaches will work together to provide the student support to fall within academic guidelines. If a student does not rectify the deficiency, the student will be deemed ineligible until the grade improves and the work is turned in to the appropriate teacher. 
    • Maintaining a positive, respectful attitude with coaches. 
    • Maintaining a positive, supportive attitude during games. 
    • Maintaining a “team” attitude and helping take care of equipment and facilities; picking up after practices and games. 
    • Traveling by bus with the team to away games is required. Athletes are to ride with the team from our school to their competitions. However, athletes may ride home with parents after a competition providing a parent signs out with the appropriate coach. All students must be accounted for and may not leave a game or facility without expressed permission of both parent and coach. Please contact a coach with any questions in advance. 
    • Having fun!!! 

     Overall, the goal of our Middle School athletic program at LPMS is to provide a safe environment for students to try new things, learn what it means to be committed to a team, and grow in their athletic knowledge and experience!   

    Parents, please feel free to communicate with your athlete’s coach with any questions or concerns throughout the season. Additionally, you may contact Coach Bonser with any comments or issues you may have. I look forward to a wonderful season with you all! 

    Thank You, 

    Jason Boyer

    Head Coach for 8th Grade LPMS Boys’ Basketball

    (719) 488-4776