Ms. Amy Gammell

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Ms. Amy Gammell

EL Teacher

Throughout the years, I have come to have a high respect for the perseverance, determination, and flexibility of my EL students and their families. They are truly the future in our increasingly global community! The goal of the English Language Acquisition classes at Palmer Ridge High School is to provide English language instruction (speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English) that parallels English/Language arts and other "core" (science, social studies, math) course content. Students will receive in-class support from the EL teacher in core classes when appropriate as well. At the same time, students exhibiting a higher level of English proficiency will receive, as needed, classroom support and tutoring during times scheduled with Mrs. Gammell and the after school homework club (provided free of cost two times per week in the media (library) center with Mrs. Gammell, National Honors Society students, and teachers specializing in core content areas). A process of pre-testing for English skills is used to determine skills students will learn. Students receive support appropriate to their level of English and school performance and are always welcome to come for help when possible!

Prior to coming to Palmer Ridge, I taught EL (English Learner) students in Colorado Springs School District #11 and in the Dallas, Texas area. Each year presents new challenges but continues to be better than the year before. I value your input into the Palmer Ridge EL program and encourage you to keep communicating your ideas about your student's PRHS experience!


  • Period 1     Civics, Spadinger/English 3, Los Inclusion Support #1100

    Period 2     Life Science, Leiting #2300

    Period 3     Plan, Neighborhood A

    Period 4     English 2, Los Inclusion Support #1100

    Period 5     English Language Acquisition, #1218

    Period 6      Plan, Neighborhood A

    Period 7     English Language Acquisition, #1218

    Period 8     English 1, Westfall Inclusion Support, #1102

Office Hours

  • 7:30 - 7:45
    Period 1
    Period 5
    3:00 - 4:00 (except Thursdays)