Adopt D38

  • Hello Prairie Winds Elementary Teachers,

    Welcome to your school's annual Adopt D38 program! Lewis-Palmer School District is ecstatic with the success of Adopt D38. You will receive 100% of the donation. The donation will be utilized to enhance your classroom. PWES teachers obtained $18,315 from adoptions.

    Families, community members, and businesses may adopt a class, grade, or school to include Specials and Services. Name of sponsor will be recognized in school publications, school building, and school website. Each sponsor will receive a Certificate of Adoption from the school and a thank you letter from you.

    A teacher of an adopted class will receive $165. The teachers of the adopted grade will receive a combined total of $250. The adopted school will receive $365. Teachers will get the donation when receipts for qualifying items are presented to Mrs. Kathy Seybert.

    As a parent and community member, I’m excited to chair this program. Schools that have an Adopt-A-Class program have been delighted with the program's success! To ensure the success of this program, the following guidelines should be adhered to:

    • Please use your donation within 45 days of receipt or by May 22, 2020 (whichever occurs first).
    • Please send the sponsor a “Thank You” letter outlining how the donation was utilized. You will be given a Certificate of Adoption to include with your letter. Please complete your letter in a timely manner. (Lewis-Palmer School District Administration will send a tax deduction letter.)
    • Please use the district's sales tax exempt number along with a school check or school credit card for all purchases. Sales tax is not reimbursable!
    • Please purchase only items that will enhance your student's academic curriculum such as books, visual aids, manipulative's, and learning games. Candy, toys, prizes, or class parties are examples of not acceptable purchases. If you have any questions on qualify items, please check with Mrs. Alicia Welch prior to purchase.
    • Please provide Mrs. Welch with a list of items purchased. All items are the property of Prairie Winds Elementary. Consumable products used are an exception.
    Thank you for your assistance with these guidelines. Let’s work together for a memorable school year with all teachers adopted!

    Georgina Gittins, Adopt D38 Director

    *Sales tax is not reimbursable.

    **Lewis-Palmer Education Foundation (LPEF) is the official sponsor of the Adopt D38 program!   This sponsorship pays for the operating costs of the program.