Adopt D38

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is my adoption tax-deductible?
    Yes, you will receive a tax-deduction letter from Lewis-Palmer School District Administration. Please check with your tax accountant or advisor for tax deduction specifics!

    How do I know if a teacher has been adopted?
    Check the Adoptions list located on each school's site.
    May a teacher be adopted more than once?
    Yes, a teacher may be adopted more than once; however, the goal of this program is to have all teachers adopted. Please check the Adoptions list to see what teachers have not been adopted.
    Can I find out what my donation will be used for?
    Yes, please check with the school or the teacher.
    Can my donation be doubled?
    Some businesses match employee donations or will add to your contribution. Please check with your employer.
    Can an adoption be made anonymously?
    Yes, an anonymous donation will be displayed on the sponsor list as "a community member".
    Can I make an adoption without selecting an adoptee? 
    Yes, if you do not have a preference on who you adopt, a teacher not yet adopted will be selected for you.
    May class members, families, a group, or an organization combine donations to make an adoption?
    Yes, donations may be combined to adopt at any level. The donation will be displayed on the Adoptions list with the group, organization, or class name.

    A combined donation may be paid for with one online payment, or payments may be made with a combination of cash and checks at the selected school. Checks should be made payable to Lewis-Palmer School District 38 or the selected school.

    If the amount collected is different than the standard adoption amounts, that donated amount will be provided to the adoptee.

    What if the donation amount is less than the amounts listed on the Adopt D38 form?
    Any donation amount is appreciated and will be donated to who you select. Your adoption will be listed as a partial adoption thus indicating the teacher, team, department, or school would benefit from additional adoptions.

    How long does it take an adoption to be processed?
    Online adoptions are processed immediately. The Adoptions list will be updated with your adoption within a week.
    Check and cash payments are processed within 7 to 10 days. The Adoptions list will be updated within 7 to 10 days.
    A business match or contribution may take additional time to process.
    Are there any fees for on line adoptions?
    No, the Adopt D38 program utilizes District 38 Learning Points registration for online payments. No fees are assessed or charged in the Adopt D38 program and 100% of your donation goes to the school or the teacher!
    How much does it cost the district to run the Adopt D38 program?
    Nothing, the district pays no administrative, operation or registration fees. The Lewis-Palmer Education Foundation (LPEF) is the official sponsor of the Adopt D38 program! This sponsorship pays for all costs of the program.
    How is the program administrated?
    The director of Adopt D38 is a parent volunteer, as are all the site specific liaisons; there are no paid administrators in this program.
    How can I help with this program?
    Adopt D38 is run by volunteers. Each building needs a liaison to administer and promote the program. Hours are flexible and based on the amount of time you wish to give. Volunteers are the key to the success Adopt D38 has had. For more information, or to volunteer, please contact: