Back To School Documents

  • In an effort to preserve resources, Lewis-Palmer School District uses an on-line Annual Update through Infinite Campus which replaces most of the annual required paperwork from the past. All families are asked to complete this each year in July before school starts. Parents/guardians must login through their Infinite Campus parent portal account to complete this process. The only additional paperwork needed will be any of the below required forms that are not part of the annual update, and any optional forms that may apply to your student(s).

    If you do not complete the annual update, you can print out those applicable forms below and turn them in to the school with any other required and optional forms. They can be turned in during student processing for middle and high school students, or open house events for elementary students.

LPHS Back to School Documents

  • Please complete your Annual Update prior to processing.  (This year you should be able to click through most screens only updating new, changed, or required information.)  In order to complete the Annual Update you must login through the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus.  Upon completing the Annaul Update, the only additional paperwork needed will be the following Required and your choice of Optional documents.

    Required Documents - please print and bring with you to processing

    Optional Documents - only print what you need

    If you were unable to complete the Annual Update, never fear, we can still get you processed with the BTS Packet listed below.  Simply print and bring the filled out forms with you to processing in addition to the Required Documents listed above and any optional documents you so choose.

      2019-20 Student Handbook