Tennis - Girls

 Paul Kardel - Head Varsity Coach

Phone: (719) 487-9881


Degrees and Certifications:

Career Coaching Accomplishments: The Lewis-Palmer Girls Tennis Team placed 5th in State. Has 9 First Place Regional titles. Placed within the top ten finishes in State several years. The team has amassed many First and Second place finishes and trophies in season tournaments

Paul Kardel - Head Varsity Coach

Coach Paul Kardel has been a tennis instructor/coach for over 40 years. He has taught in some of the finest junior tennis programs in New York. He has strung rackets for the world's best players. Stringing for the Masters Series, Hamlet Challenge Cup and head of the U. S. Open racquet services for eight years. After moving to Colorado he became Head Tennis Professional at Woodmoor Country Club, where he has taught for over 21 years.

He has been the Varsity Coach for Lewis-Palmer boys and girls tennis programs for the past 19 years. He has been named three times, Coach of the Year by the Gazette newspaper.

"Having majored in Psychology and Philosophy, I find tennis the perfect sport to explore the battle between one's success and failure, being so entwined in one's physical ability and the players mind and their ego. A tennis match is often a microcosm for life itself. My teaching/coaching philosophy is one of allowance and flow. 

The player no matter how physically talented ultimately must wrestle with their mind's desire and inner critic. 

It is only through quieting the mind in which the physical self is allowed to be completely present and flow in it's actions.  

As found within the martial arts power is attained not through force but through flow and undivided attention and awareness to the action one is performing. 

"The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be."

---BRUCE LEE--- 

It has been an honor and a pleasure to help develop and work with such a strong tradition of quality student athletes found here at Lewis-Palmer. As a coach, I merely serve as a guide. It is the student athlete who must take the journey for themselves."