• General Information

    Lewis-Palmer School District recognizes the importance of volunteers as members of the school team.

    All volunteers will fill out one of the following forms to volunteer. These forms do not need to be filled out anew each year. If you would like your name removed, please reach out to info@lewispalmer.org.

    General Volunteers (including room parents, office help, etc.) are required to fill out the Volunteer Service Agreement. If deemed appropriate by the building principal, a background check should also be performed if the volunteer is placed in a position of taking care of children without the supervision of a school/district staff member. If you are uncertain which form you should fill out please consult with your child's school.

    To volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Service Agreement for the correct school below.

    BCES    LPES      PLES     PWES     RKES     LPMS     LPHS     PRHS

    Volunteer form in Spanish

    BCES    LPES     PLES     PWES     RKES     LPMS     LPHS     PRHS

    A volunteer who has access to student data shall sign the confidentiality agreement. 

    BCES     LPES     PLES     PWES     RKES     LPMS     LPHS     PRHS

     Confidentiality Agreement in Spanish

    BCES     LPES     PLES     PWES     RKES     LPMS     LPHS     PRHS

     Positions Requiring Further Background Checks

    Unsupervised or Overnight Volunteers are required to fill out the Volunteer Services Agreement above and have a background check run. A field trip sponsor/chaperone (i.e. the zoo or a movie) is not considered unsupervised unless the trip is an overnight trip.

    A link to the Background Check may be found here. After completing this online form please email Cristina Kind at CKind@lewispalmer.org, so we can complete the process.

    Volunteer Coaches** are required to fill out the Volunteer Coaching Agreement linked below by school and have a fingerprint background check run. To arrange to get your fingerprints done please contact Cristina Kind at CKind@lewispalmer.org. It is essential this process be completed prior to beginning coaching.

    Volunteer coaches also must be trained in CPR and First Aid. Training may be provided by the Lewis-Palmer School District. Please contact your athletic director for this training.

    I wish to volunteer coach at the following school:    LPHS       PRHS        LPMS

    **It is an important distinction to be made that coaches who are paid in any way, be it fundraising dollars or building monies, are not volunteer coaches. Paid coaches or "fundraised" coaches must complete all applicable payroll paperwork and be fingerprinted (A background check link above is not needed). Please contact Cristina Kind at CKind@lewispalmer.org for an appointment to fill out the paperwork prior to beginning coaching.

    Security/ID Procedures

    All volunteers regardless of whether they possess a District ID or not should sign in following regular school procedures.  When a volunteer acts solely as a room parent assisting the teacher, no District ID is necessary. He/she will sign in and out following regular school procedures and receive a visitor's badge.