• Partnerships

  • PPCC
    PPCC High School Programs
    Lewis-Palmer School District 38 works closely with Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) to offer a diverse range of programs and resources to high school students on paths towards graduation. The Innovative Learning Program utilizes PPCC's "Career Start" program to encourage high school students to start exploring career opportunities, start gaining knowledge and skills toward students’ career goals and start earning college credits and certificates.

  • SPA
    ISSA Courses
    The International Salon and Spa Academy (ISSA) is an academy that offers many courses to high school students from many backgrounds. The ISSA’s Cosmetology Program is designed to provide a solid foundation for students to begin a career in Hair, Skin and Nails. The program encompasses services for all ages, female and male where the latest trends and techniques are demonstrated. The Innovative Learning Programs encompasses the courses offered and allows students perusing a career in cosmetology to register for classes in a way that fits their schedule. ISSA also provides a “Success University” course that will give students the confidence they need to grow a clientele, recommend products, customer service training and what referrals mean for student success.

    PPBEA Work Based Learning
    The Pikes Peak Business & Education Alliance (PPBEA)'s mission is to connect students' talents, interests and aptitudes to the economic landscape. PPBEA's initiative is built to help our business community solve chronic and systemic talent shortages and skills gaps problems while providing opportunities for students launch into meaningful and rewarding early careers. The Innovative Learning Program works closely with the PPBEA to provide career and technical education and work based learning for high school students while emphasizing flexibility, self paced, and blended learning practices that cater to the individual learning needs of the student.