• An Apology from Matt Clawson:

    I owe this community a sincere apology. 

    During a recent family vacation, a couple of my children participated in a birthday celebration. Sometime during the party, the children were acting silly and performing skits while wearing old Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Brothers type mustaches. The children posed and took pictures during the event. I did not see them do this. After being home from vacation for about a week, I was asked when I was going to post pictures from our vacation. I then allowed a family member to post photos to my Facebook account. After an hour or so, I reviewed the photos posted and ran across a photo that was inappropriate and offensive, and I immediately took one picture down. Although the photo was taken in children’s play and without awareness, it was nonetheless inappropriate and offensive. This type of picture has no place in our society. 

    The removal of the offensive picture resulted in significant family conversations. Unfortunately, the photo was on Facebook long enough for it to be viewed by a few of you in the community, despite the fact that it was removed before I was contacted by anyone expressing concern over the picture. My public service role means that my family and I are watched closely. I am sorry that we were not more sensitive to the effect this picture would bring. 

    I have spent decades fighting for religious freedom and the rights of all -- irrespective of race, color, or sexual orientation. I want to take this opportunity to say that I support racial equality, social justice, and equity for all. I do not support the suppression of anyone or acts of racism.  

    In no way do I take the example I set lightly. I am grieved that this photo may have been construed as a reflection of my beliefs. This unfortunate incident is never appropriate at any time, but during these times, it is extremely insensitive. Please accept my apology. 

    Matthew Clawson 


 Matthew Clawson

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Matthew Clawson

District 5 - President



Matthew is a Colorado Springs native and has resided in Monument with his wife, children and rescue dog, Max, for almost ten years. 

Matthew is passionate about our youth - so it is with great satisfaction he can give back to our community by serving! In 2015, he was elected to the D38 Board of Education and has served in various positions, most recently as Board president. His notable accomplishments while Board president include creating a balanced budget over the previous four years while overseeing the payoff of all operational debt, improving financial transparency and data privacy, increasing local control and instituting high prioritization of teacher compensation each year in the annual budget, all while helping ensure Lewis-Palmer School District 38 remains one of the top-performing districts in the state and nation. In addition to his work on the school board, for the past 20 years Matthew has served in various scout leadership positions in the Pikes Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America. Matthew is currently on the Executive Board of this organization after having served as president and executive vice president. In these positions, he actively oversaw approximately 11,000 youth and 4,000 adult volunteers. Matthew received the Silver Beaver Award, which is presented by the National Boy Scouts and is the highest award that a local council can bestow on a volunteer for rendering outstanding service to Scout youth. Matthew has been involved in numerous nonprofit organizations, including United Way, Habitat for Humanity and the Boys/Girls Clubs of America. Matthew's experience in serving the youth of our community is unparalleled!

Matthew, as a native Coloradoan and an outdoor adventurist, enjoys mountain biking, road biking, water skiing, snow skiing, running, scuba diving, triathlons and duathlons.

Elected November 3, 2015; Re-elected November 5, 2019; Term expires November 7, 2023

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