Beginning Band

  • Scoring your practice Journal:

    Total your DAYS PRACTICED and multiply by 10

    7 days  =  70 points

    6 days  =  60 points

    1 day   =  10 points



    Then add your total MINUTES PRACTICED this week as points

    120 minutes   =  120 points

    90 minutes   =  90 points

    15 minutes  =  15 points



    Weekly Goal:  150 points (ex. 5 days at 20 minutes per day.)

    --Due every Monday (or first school day of the week).  Late practice journals lose 10 points per day and are only accepted during the week due.

    --Practice Journals can be scanned or photographed and emailed to

    --You should still turn it in if you did not reach 150 points this week.  A percentage is still better than 0.

    --Did you have an off week?  Make it up!  Points over 150 will count as extra credit.


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