Beginning Band

  • See the calendar date for these event details for 6th Grade Band members

    Nov. 7   RKES Veteran's Day Assembly 

    Nov. 7   LPES Veteran's Day Assembly 

    Nov. 12   PWES Veteran's Day Assembly 

    Dec 12   D38 6th Grade Band Winter Concert 

    March 9   D38 6th Grade CBA Band Festival 

    April 15-17 TBA exact day and time, CHSAA Large Group judged festival

    April  21   D38 6th Grade Band Spring Concert

    Extra Credit Band Concert Observations

    all begin at 7:00 pm and are free unless otherwise noted.

    Turn in a program with your name and 3 complete sentences about what you saw and heard.

    D38 weather closures cancel all evening activities.


    Nov. 19 LPHS/PRHS Jazz Band Concert at Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Palmer Lake ( *$)

    Dec. 10 LPHS Holiday Concert

    Dec. 11 PRHS Holiday Concert

    Dec. 16 LPMS band concert at LPHS


    Jan.16  PRHS Band Concert

    Jan. 28 LPHS/PRHS/LPMS/MA Combined concert at LPHS

    Feb. 25  LPHS Band Concert

    Feb. 26 PRHS Band Concert


    March 19 D38/D12 Honors Recital at LPHS

    April 14 LPHS/PRHS Band Concert at LPHS, *7:30 pm

    April 15 LPMS band Concert at PRHS

    May 12 PRHS Pops Concert at PRHS, LPHS pops concert at LPHS

    May 18 LPMS Band Concert at PRHS


    Other band/orchestra concerts in the area are also eligible for the same extra credit assignment as long as they include Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments.

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Concert Dates and Details