Gifted and Talented Education

Identification Process

  • In Lewis-Palmer School District #38, the advanced learning assessment and identification process involves gathering a body of evidence through a variety of procedures and sources designed to reveal exceptionalities or potential. The purpose of a body of evidence is to:

    • Ensure that the student's abilities are well recognized
    • Look beyond just one area for information
    • Include a more diverse population
    • Match appropriate services to needs 

    A body of evidence will be collected for every child considered for identification. The body of evidence collected for identification in Lewis-Palmer School District #38 comes from the following four categories:

    • Intellectual abilities - 95th percentile or above on norm-referenced cognitive tests or subtests
    • Academic achievement - 95th percentile or above on norm-referenced standardized tests
    • Behavior characteristics - observation of behaviors with outstanding or exceptional factors
    • Demonstrated performance - distinguished level of performance

    Please refer to our Gifted and Talented Education Guide.