Enrollment Information

  • Enrollment in the Home School Enrichment Academy is completed online. The link is located on the Student Enrollment page. Note: if enrolling your child in kindergarten at the Home School Enrichment Academy, please select "Half-Day Kindergarten" for the grade when completing the application.

    A choice enrollment application is only required if your student resides outside the boundaries of Lewis-Palmer School District. The choice enrollment application can be found on the Choice Enrollment page.


  • 2022-23 Check back for Fall offerings. Parents, look for an email in August.

    2022 Fall offerings for grades 6-8 

    Drama - Are you ready for the stage? This drama class will focus on learning performance skills and showcasing your talents in a culminating stage production.  There will also be a lot of drama games to enjoy along the way.

    2D Art - The focus will be on color theory and exploration using a variety of paint mediums; crayons, pastels, and colored pencils.

    3D Art - We will be working with clay and paper mache’ during the 2nd semester.

    HSEA Yearbook - A major part of our time will be spent on developing the HSEA Yearbook, and honoring our interview, photojournalism, and documenting skills required for that.

    Critical Thinking - Each week, this class will tackle a "who done it" scenario where you and your teammates will work together to try to crack the cause using deductive reasoning, inductive thinking and observation skills.  If you like mysteries, this is the class for you.

    Beginning Guitar - This is an introductory guitar course where students will learn chords, progressions, simple tunes, and possibly delve into reading guitar tablature.

    American Music - This course will teach students about the beginnings of American popular music, and its evolution during the 20th Century.  Topics covered will include the blues, jazz, rock & roll, the British Invasion, southern rock, classic rock, disco and pop music of the 1980s.

    Healthy Habits - This course will focus on student health.  Topics covered will include healthy eating, exercise habits, sleep, stretching, etc.

    Student Leadership - This course will allow students to learn about civics, elections, government, etc. and also provide an opportunity for students to serve as leaders of our student body.  Students in this course will be involved in planning events such as spirit days and assemblies, while also learning about the qualities of effective leadership.

    PE-Individual Competition - Do you love pushing yourself to improve physically?  If so, you may enjoy this class where we will stretch our limits and compete individually while having fun playing lots of physical games.


    Tour Our Facility

    If you are interested in our program and would like to make arrangements for a tour, please contact Melissa Gibson-Steiner at mgibson-steiner@lewispalmer.orgor call 719-510-6294.