Gifted Education Leadership Team - GELT

  • GELT is a team of parents, facilitators, principals, and administrators who meet 4 times throughout the school year. 2018-2019 meeting dates are October 9, December 6, February 26, and May 9. GELT reviews reports and provides input regarding the LPSD Gifted and Talented Program to include:

    • Communication          Definition of Gifted
      Identification               Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)
      Programming              Evaluation & Accountability
      Personnel                    Budget
      Reports                        Record Keeping
      Early Access               Monitoring
      Procedures for Disagreements 

    GELT Presentation to DAAC November 2018

    GELT members 2018-2019

    Gifted Education Program Plan 2016-2020

    CDE - Gifted Education

    GELT Presentation to DAAC 2017

For More Information:

  • Kante, Michelle
    Gifted and Talented Facilitator


    Loepp, Katharine
    Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator
    (719) 757-1674


    Palmer, Annette
    Gifted and Talented Facilitator
    (719) 867-8256


    Stamp, Laura
    Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator