English Learner Professional Development Information

  • To help better support students in Colorado who are English language learners, the State Board of Education adopted new rules in June 2018 requiring educators with elementary, math, science, social studies and English language arts endorsements to complete Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education training or professional development (PD). Educators holding these endorsements must meet the new licensing requirement:

    • Within their next five-year license renewal period
      (For example, teachers holding a professional license that expires in September 2018 would need to meet the requirements by September 2023.)
    • Only once over the course of their professional licensure as a teacher in Colorado. 

    What is the English Learner PD requirement?

    Educators must demonstrate completion of training or professional development activities equivalent to 45 clock/contact hours or three semester hours in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Education. Educators with previous CLD training or past experience can count it toward meeting their:

    1. new English Learner Professional Development requirement,
    2. their 90 clock hours of professional development requirement for renewing their educator license.

English Learner PD Requirements - Information for Educators

  • The following links provide information from CDE about licensure renewal as well as CDE-approved PD opportunities that meet the recertification standards. 

Lewis-Palmer EL Professional Development Plan

  • The following plan outlines how Lewis-Palmer is supporting educators as they work to meet these requirements. LPSD courses listed will be offered via Canvas and participants can sign up in MyLearningPlan one month prior to class start date. Canvas courses are eight weeks in length and have a reading requirement as well as weekly discussions. Course work is asynchronous within the listed course dates. For participants who prefer a face-to-face model, 4-day summer "boot camps" are available that will fulfill 2 credits of the 3 credits required. For the book study courses books will be available for loan on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

    The educator can design the 45-hour requirement in a way that best fits their life and learning styles. All 45 hours can be completed with the LPSD PD (free of charge!), or the educator can make a combination plan that could include: parts of the LPSD PD course work, up to 10 hours of work credit, PD offered outside of LPSD (see the CDE Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Recertification PD Opportunities link) and/or previously acquired credit. Just be sure that all parts of the matrix are met. It is the educator's responsibility to complete the requirements and submit the completed matrix to CDE Educator Talent for recertification. Go here for CDE's matrix: Matrix

    Please note the numbering of the standards have recently been changed by CDE.

    Here are the changes
    Old             New Standard Number
    5.12            5.09
    5:13            5:10
    5:14            5:11
    5:15            5:12
  • For additional information please contact Tiffany Brown, LPSD English Learner Coordinator, 719-785-4204, tbrown@lewispalmer.org