Enrollment Data

  • Enrollment Map:

    Click on the map navigation Map Navigation  or view the larger map View Larger Map  to access 2017-2018 enrollment data, enrollment data from 8.27.18, and 2018-2019 metrostudy forecast enrollment data.

  • A Snapshot of 2020 October Count Data:

    This information is based on October count data and is a one-day snapshot of PK-12 out of district enrollment within Lewis-Palmer School District 38. Students in the transition program, foreign exchange students, and students who are attending Tri-Lakes Community Preschool through the Colorado Preschool Program are not included in this chart.

    2020 Out of District Enrollment by School

    2020-2021 OOD by School

  • The following charts are multi-year data showing out-of-district enrollment trends. This data is derived from CDE data which may be found at   https://www.cde.state.co.us/cdereval

    The chart below shows the number of open enrolled students as a percentage of each school's enrollment over a five year period. 

     Percentage Open Enrolled by School

  • The chart below compares the number of students enrolling into LPSD v.s. those students enrolled in other districts whose parents report residency in LPSD. 

    In and Out last 5 years