Human Resources

Employee Benefits



  • Lewis-Palmer School District 38 participates in Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). As established by Colorado state law, PERA provides its members with a qualified retirement plan that is an alternative to Social Security. As a PERA member, you contribute 8% of your monthly salary to your member contribution account. These contributions are tax-deferred until they are returned to you either through a refund or a monthly benefit. Lewis-Palmer School District 38 also contributes a percentage of the total payroll to PERA. These contributions are deposited with other employer contributions in a "pooled" pension trust fund. When/if you refund your account, you will receive a portion of these funds. Enrollment eligibility is immediately upon hire.

    In addition to Colorado PERA, everyone receiving a paycheck is allowed to contribute a percentage of income into a Tax Shelter Annuity (TSA) 403b, 401k, or 457b plan. There is currently no match on funds to these accounts. Enrollment eligibility is immediately upon hire and monthly thereafter.

Other Benefits

    1. Section 125 Cafeteria Plan for insurance premiums, childcare expenses, unreimbursed medical expenses.
    2. Direct deposit.
    3. Paid time off as determined by employee status.  Teachers receive 10 annual days per year, school building support personnel receive 6 sick days and 4 personal days per year.  Vacation is granted to 12-month,  year-round employees after one year of employment.
    4. Approximately 10-12 paid holidays for 12-month, year-round employees.