Beginning Band

What Next?

  • You've selected your instrument. You've signed up for band. You are ready to what? 

    Summer Band: Summer Band is an optional but excellent opportunity we offer towards the end of July. A handout will come home in the weekly folders in April. 

    Renting Instruments: You don't need to have your instrument until either the first day of summer band (if you are participating) or the first day of school. You can get a rental instrument through either Meeker Music or Graner Music, two excellent local businesses. Don't delay! The longer you wait to rent the longer you will be waiting in line at the store. For guidance on what to look for when renting please see This Handout 

    Large Instruments:  Instruments that are large may not fit on the busses.  French horns, baritones, and percussion kits need to be authorized to be allowed on certain busses that are full.  In some cases, students playing percussion may be able to leave their percussion kit at home (contact your band teacher to see if this applies to you).  We may be able to rent extra french horns and baritones through the school district, but we are limited in our available instruments.  Tubas cannot be taken on the bus and a home tuba will be rented if we have them available. 

    Please contact me with any questions that I have not answered! 


    Lisa Smith