Beginning Band

Instrument Care

  • As we get further into the year it is hard to know if you are caring for your instrument correctly. Below are some videos for you to help guide your student or as a reminder for them.

    As a note, some of these videos may start in a silly way but the content is very good.

    Before we get to the videos: As is common on YouTube, the content of a video is often appropriate but the ads and comments connected with it may not be. Please be aware of this when using these links.

    Clarinet and Oboe

    Brass Instruments

    • Trumpet, Euphonium, and Tuba Valve Oiling
      • These types of instruments use piston valves
      • The video shows a trumpet but the process is the same.
      • When removing a valve DO NOT FORCE IT BACK IN. A valve should slide back in easily. Forcing it could damage the instrument.
      • While the video recommends Blue Juice, Al Cass Valve Oil (less expensive) is just fine.
      • Your valves may not have numbers like the video. In this case, make sure you oil one valve at a time.
    • French Horn Valve Oiling
      • French Horns have rotary valves
      • Never remove a rotary valve
      • Al Cass valve oil is fine (Hetman oil tends to be expensive)
    • Trombone Slide Oiling
      • If the slide comes all the way off gently put it back on
      • If you get oil on your clothes put some dish soap on the spots before running clothes in the laundry machine. This should remove the stain.
    • Greasing Brass Slides
      • Please do not use vaseline on French Horn valves as it is not water-soluble and will gum up the valves. 
      • Any slide on your instrument (except the main slide on trombone) should be greased once a month
      • Only grease the part of the slide that goes inside the instrument, not the outside of the instrument
      • The man in the video talks about drying out the inside of valve casings. Ignore this as it does not apply to what we are doing.
    • Giving your instrument a bath
      • You should not have to do this until sometime in December then every 3-4 months thereafter.