Online Middle School

Admission and Orientation

  • Admissions Procedures and Guidelines

    Enrollment within LPOMSP is an individualized process in which student demonstration of personal (time management, advocacy, responsibility, etc.) and academic readiness contribute to the overall proceedings for online enrollment. Interest in LPOMSP must be expressed each semester by the student and parent whereas the determination as to whether online learning is an appropriate educational option will be made by a designated academic team (including, but not limited to, the student’s counselor, Online Mentor, Online Teachers and possibly LPMS Admin).

    Enrollment Options

    The Lewis-Palmer Online Middle School Program (LPOMSP) provides enrollment with both part-time and full-time options.

    Part-time status within the Lewis-Palmer Online Middle School Program is an available option for those who wish to either combine with brick and mortar courses in pursuit of a complete academic experience or for those who are seeking part-time educational options (i.e homeschool students). Full time status within the Lewis-Palmer Online Middle School Program is comprised of an enrollment that includes 6 online courses - 4 of which are aligned with the academic core (Math, English, Science and History) and 2 electives.

    It is highly recommended that students who are experiencing online learning for the first time begin with a reduced course load to develop healthy study habits and routines.



    Full Time

    Part-time online and part-time at a brick and mortar school



    Students enrolled in 6 classes online (4 core + 2 elective)

    Students enrolled in at least one class with LPOMSP along with five at their brick and mortar school for a total of six courses per semester (4 core + 2 elective).

    Students enrolled in 2-5 classes with LPOMSP.

    *This option is available for those who are homeschooled.

    Application Process

    Interested families must adhere to the following process for enrollment.

    1. Express interest to school counselor to initiate enrollment process.  
    2. Check school email 
      1. Complete Online Enrollment Application
      2. Return Required Paperwork
         a.  Parent/Student Handbook Verification Form
         b.  Completed Mutually Agreeable Plan (MAP)
         c.  Current/historical academic support documentation if applicable (i.e IEP, 504, ILP, ALP, etc.)

           3.  Schedule meeting with counselor to proceed accordingly
           4.  Fulfill any enrollment document requests
                     1. Affidavit of Colorado Residency
                     2. Technology Release Form

    Enrollment Criteria

    Enrollment is available and tuition-free to any student meeting enrollment conditions including but not limited to:

    • The ability of LPOMSP to adequately meet the applicant's learning needs – if applicable.
    • Academic history of passing previous online learning courses – if applicable

    Withdrawal Process

    Students have a limited time from the start date of the online course to make the decision to discontinue their enrollment and transfer to courses within the brick and mortar setting. Because of the complexity of building master schedules, transferring from an online environment to a brick and mortar course could present challenges and may limit options. In the event of the decision to transfer, grades and all coursework will transfer with the student as well. Any request to withdraw from a course must be made in writing by the parent/guardian and be submitted to the school counselor.