Gateway to Technology: 7th Grade

  • Overview:  In Gateway to Technology, you will learn to design projects in the computer lab, and then see them come to life when you build them in the wood shop. Students will learn to safely use the bandsaw, drill press, disc/belt sander, grinder, cordless drill and driver, scroll-saw, and many other tools in the shop. They will also design projects in the computer lab, and print models on our 3D printers.

    LPMS Rooms 113 and 115


    Content to be Covered:

    • Design and build concepts
    • Shop rules and safety
    • Proper shop tool use and operation
    • 2D and 3D design tools (Inventor, Sketchup, Revit)
    • 7th Grade Project Flow
      • Birdhouse - Shop Build
      • Toolbox - Shop Build
      • Rube Goldberg - Sketch Design, Shop Build
      • Dice - Lab Design, 3D Build
      • Ring - Lab Design, 3D Build
      • Isometric Shape - Lab Design, 3D Build
      • Point and Shoot Camera - Lab Design, 3D Build
      • Dragster Design - Shop Build and 3D Build Combination
      • Shed and House Design - Virtual Build

    Free Build:

    Occasionally you may have some free time when your project is finished and others are completing theirs.  You will have the option to choose a project of your own. This is an excellent opportunity to learn new shop skills and put them to work!



    Content Indicators: safe and serious application of concepts and skills in projects - 75%

    Success Habits: preparation, listening, cleanliness, organization, and enthusiasm! - 25%


    Our Simple Contract (Mr. Motta and all students): We will treat each other as humans at all times...  PRIDE - Persistence, Respect, Initiative, Dependability, and Empathy.



    1. You must conduct yourself in a safe manner at all times.  There is no room in the shop for dangerous behavior. When you misbehave you are a risk to yourself and to others.  One infraction and you risk losing your shop privileges. This is no joke!
    2. Please have your own pencil in class everyday.  Leaving one, or a few, in your shop locker is a really good idea.
    3. If you want to know what is happening in class today - check out the chalkboard or whiteboard.
    4. Instruction Time and Shop Time - Instruction Time is when I am giving directions, doing a demonstration or speaking to the class.  You are listening and raising your hand for questions during this time. Shop time is your time to complete class projects - I will bug you as little as possible!
    5. Be sure you are paying attention during Instruction Time.  I don’t often repeat myself. If you were not paying attention and you don’t know what is going on you ask your classmates…  help each other… then ask me.
    6. Respect for your instructor, the shop, the shop materials, any other adult in the room, and each other, is expected at all times.  This is a key component of your Success Habit grade.
    7. YOU are responsible for keeping the shop clean and organized.  A dirty and messy shop is dangerous. You are responsible for cleaning up your work area after each use and at the end of class.  This will be part of your Success Habits grade.
    8. If you need to leave the room for any reason tell me first.  
    9. Appropriate Noise Level - The level of noise should be no louder than soft talking with the people directly next to you. I should not be able to hear your conversations.  There will simply be no shouting across the room, it is dangerous - see Rule 1 above.
    10. Clean up will take place 3-5 minutes before the end of class.  After cleanup you will line up inside the door before dismissal. You will not be dismissed if your area is not clean.
    11. Cell phones are not permitted to be out in the classroom without permission.  They can be a distraction and can therefore be unsafe. My suggestion is for you to keep it in your locker.  If I see or hear your phone without permission I will take it. Cell phones are not required, but you will have the option to use cell phones for project pictures and videos.  I will let you know ahead of time for the days that you will be able to use your phone.
    12. This is a super cool class so students are almost never late.  If you are late without a note (unexcused) you will spend your valuable and fun project time cleaning the lab or the shop.  If you are going to be late just be sure you have a note from your teacher or the office.
    13. Have fun!!  


     Software Downloads:          

    Inventor Free download of Autodesk Inventor


    Revit Free download of Autodesk Revit


    SketchUp Run SketchUp in a browser


    TinkerCad Run TinkerCad in a browser