Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent Enrollment Guidelines

    Eligible high school students may enroll in college classes to earn college and high school credit while still enrolled in high school. Classes are taken at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). Classes may be taken at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) if course options have been exhausted at PPCC. All classes registered for must meet a student’s Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP) or post-secondary goals; see your counselor to discuss the appropriateness of this program before seeing the Concurrent Enrollment (CE) coordinator. 

    • Students must have a minimum G.P.A of 2.5. 
    • Students must be at least part-time to be eligible for concurrent enrollment. 
    • Students are considered part-time concurrent enrollment by taking 3-11 college credit hours in a semester. To gain full-time enrollment status, the student must also take 2-5 courses per semester at the high school (in-seat or online, but not a combination of both).
    • Early graduates are not eligible for concurrent enrollment.
    • Concurrent enrollment only applies for fall and spring semesters. No summer enrollment.
    • Courses can only be selected with the approval of the CE coordinator.
    • ICAP alignment: A student’s Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) must show how they can earn enough credits toward on-time graduation from high school (see IKF policy) and must be applicable to earning a degree or certificate.
    • School District 38 will only pay for remedial courses for seniors taking remedial math or English concurrent enrollment courses.
    • All transportation, books, fees, and miscellaneous fees for enrollment at the college are the sole responsibility of the student/family. 
    • If a student takes an online class, the student/family will be responsible for tuition in excess of the amount of "regular" tuition. These will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 
    • Students not earning a grade of D or higher, withdrawing early from a course, or taking an incomplete shall be required to reimburse the school district for the full cost of tuition.
    • Students must register for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) in order to minimize tuition costs.
    • The grades earned at the college will be reflected on the high school transcript, including grades of W or F.
    • Any changes to student registration must be communicated immediately to building CE coordinator so proper billing takes place.
    • All deadlines will apply, no exceptions.

Concurrent Enrollment Documents and Resources