• The Hour of CodeHofCode

    Computer Education Week: December 9-15, 2019

    The Hour of Code is a global movement sponsored by Computer Education Week and Code.org, reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries through an introduction to computer science and computer programming.  It is an attempt to teach people the basics of computer programming in 60 minutes in a fun and simple way.  It is celebrated during the first week in December, to coincide with the birthday of computer pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (Dec. 9, 1906), but you can code ANY time!  Try these free links to learn more:

  • More Coding FunCoding Jobs

    If you want to learn more about coding, coding activities, and coding clubs, then check out these links.  All have free activities, although some may ask you to sign up to join.  Remember to be safe - you MUST get parent/guardian permission BEFORE joining any website!