Volunteering in LPSD

Guidelines and Procedures

  • A background check will be run on all volunteers each school year.

    Fingerprints will be run on all volunteers who are either unsupervised or serve in a coaching capacity.

    A field trip sponsor/chaperone (i.e. the zoo or a movie) is not considered unsupervised unless the trip is an overnight trip.

    If a volunteer performs a caretaking role in which First Aid/CPR training would be appropriate, training may be provided by the Lewis-Palmer School District.

    A volunteer who has access to student data shall sign the confidentiality agreement. 

    When considering appropriate training for volunteers who serve in office support roles, the following should be considered:

    • FERPA/confidentiality
    • Safe2Tell
    • Child abuse recognition and reporting

    Volunteer coaches must be trained in CPR and First Aid. 

    If deemed appropriate, a fingerprint background check should also be performed if the volunteer is placed in a position of taking care of children without the supervision of a school/District staff member.

    Security/ID Procedures

    All volunteers regardless of whether they possess a District ID or not should sign in following regular school procedures.
    When a volunteer acts solely as a room parent assisting the teacher, no District ID is necessary. He/she will sign in and out following regular school procedures and receive a visitor's badge. 

    A district ID should be issued to volunteers under the following circumstances: 

    • Volunteering on a frequent or recurring basis (i.e. reading tutors, Kiwanis liaisons, etc.)
    • Volunteer is the leader of a club/organization within the school (i.e. PTO, BAAC, etc.)
    • Volunteer operates or assists in the operation of a school store on a regular basis
    • Volunteer is a member of a partner service organization (Kiwanis)