Applications of Algebra

  • This course is designed to meet the needs of students who are not ready to take Algebra I their Freshman year of high school.  Placement into this class is based on a number of requirements.  Students’ eighth grade math teacher, middle school math department chair, high school math department chair, and ninth grade math teachers will meet prior to the start of student's ninth grade year to determine placement.  Students’ NWEA Map scores, middle school math, and reading grades, students work habits, attendance, state standardized tests, and teacher recommendations will all be taken into consideration before a student is placed in this class. 

    This class is to help the struggling math student in number sense, basic algebraic skills, word problems, and basic math skills.  This class will prepare students for life beyond high school as well as prepare them for Algebra 1.  Students will have two options when completing this class.  They can move on to Algebra 1 or take Pre-Algebra to further strengthen their skills for Algebra 1.  This class as well as Pre-Algebra will count toward the three math credits required for high school graduation. 

    Pre-algebra and Applied Algebra will be taught alternating years as they both will cover material necessary to move to Algebra 1.  These two classes will use different methods to teach and reinforce basic math skills.  This course will be highly modified to meet the needs of a variety of learning styles. 

    It is our goal to show math from a different perspective than simply rote memorization and lists of rules.  This class will show students the use of math in the real world.  Student grades will be determined  using a variety of methods. Their grades will not be based solely on on tests as testing environments often cause unnecessary stress that can skew actual math knowledge for the reluctant math student.  Grades will be based on projects, presentations, explanations, and growth data. Students will be encouraged to try different methods, work in groups, and feel safe making mistakes.  It is truly our hope that students will complete this class seeing the value of math, prepared for Algebra 1, confident that they can be math thinkers, appreciating the beauty that math brings to this world, and being better prepared for the math world that awaits them beyond high school and into the workforce.