Honors United States History (Reconstruction - Present)

  • Honors U.S. History is an advanced college preparatory course designed for students with a strong academic background and a desire to pursue the entire span of American History. The aim is to equip students with a thorough and complete understanding of the political, economic, military, cultural, and social eras that have shaped the American heritage. Through various activities, lectures, discussions, literature, films and technology, students will trace the development of the United States from its founding as a republic to present day circumstances. In keeping with the standards for an Honors course, students will be expected to complete additional assignments including but not limited to research, essays, primary source readings, class presentations, and special projects. The pace of the course requires that students maintain a rigorous commitment to reading and writing from both an analytical and critical perspective. The reward is not only a solid comprehension of American History but also the development of academic skills that will be of great benefit in the students’ pursuit of future educational goals. Students must register for both A & B courses.