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  • 7th Grade Silver Team Newsletter: Week of February 17 - 21

    After School Homework Help:  After school homework help (Monday through Thursday, 2:45 – 3:45 pm) with Ms. Schanke (typically Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Mr. Johnson (typically Mondays and Wednesdays) in their rooms, Room 605 and Room 703, respectively.  This opportunity is a chance to receive extra support in math or just another place to complete assignments.  Please remember that it is not to be used or considered as punishment!  Please give us a heads up if you’re sending your student so we may have an idea on what they need to work.  Thanks.

     Pennies for Patients Fundraiser:  The LPMS Junior National Honor Society hosted its annual Spring fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) from February 3rd to February 14th.  Typically, the 7 Silver Team has been VERY successful in this fundraiser, being the lead fundraising team for the past EIGHT years!  Update #2:  7 Silver overwhelmingly outraised the rest of the school combined.  As a team, we raised approximately $1,000 in class during the fundraiser plus another $1,335 through online donations on the LLS website for our school and team.  We smashed our combined $1,500 team goal.  We offer our heartfelt thanks to all those that donated and/or supported our efforts!  So, that make NINE consecutive years leading the school!

    Presidents’ Day Holiday:  There will be no school on Monday, February 17th due to the Presidents’ Day Holiday.  Please enjoy the long weekend with your family!

     3rd Quarter Report Cards:  Beginning this Quarter, and every quarter thereafter, LPMS will transition to online report cards only, commensurate with the procedure in both D-38 high schools.  Please expect an instructional “push” from the school on how to access your middle school student’s grades and report card within Parent Portal.  3rd Quarter Report Cards will be posted online on (or near) Friday, March 13th.  (No Bad Luck, intended!)


    Math – Mr. Johnson

     Wow!  The snow days (and delays) have been wreaking havoc on my math schedules!  Here are my best updates.  Please “pencil in” any assessment dates, as the week ahead also seems to have some unsettling weather ahead.  Here is an update for both courses:

    Math-7 (1st/2nd/3rd Periods):  We have finally finished Chapter 5, Percents.  Students took Chapter 5, Quiz #2 (Lessons 5-3 to 5-6) on Wednesday, February 12th and the Chapter 5 Test (Lessons 5-1 to 5-6) on Friday, February 14th.  The quiz grades are already in Infinite Campus and the test grades will be posted by the end of the weekend.  A few students might want to seek re-quiz and re-test opportunities in accordance with my policy below.  Chapter 6, Geometry, follows Chapter 5 and begin on Tuesday, February 18th.  The Chapter 6 assessment schedule may look close to:

    Chapter 6, Quiz #1 (Lessons 6-1 to 6-3):         Tues., Feb. 25th

    Chapter 6, Quiz #2 (Lessons 6-4 and 6-5):      Tues., Mar. 3rd

    Chapter 6 Test (Lessons 6-1 to 6-5):                Thur., Mar. 5th

    Pre-Algebra (4th Period):  Students finished work Chapter 6, Exponents.   The Chapter 6 Test (Lessons 6-1 to 6-5) was on Monday, February 10th.  Grades are in Infinite Campus.  We have already begun Chapter 7, Geometry, starting with a lot of angle relationships and parallel lines and angles.  The Chapter 7 assessment schedule may look close to:

    Chapter 7, Quiz #1 (Lessons 7-1 to 7-3):         Wed., Feb. 19th

    Chapter 7, Quiz #2 (Lessons 7-4 and 7-5):      Tues., Feb. 25th

    Chapter 7 Test (Lessons 7-1 to 7-6):                Tues., Mar.  3rd

     Quiz and Test Retake Policy:  I certainly permit retakes.  It is important that the students attain the knowledge.  Students need to sign out their quiz or test from me, make corrections on a separate paper, have parents sign their corrections, staple their corrections to their original test or quiz.  Upon completion of corrections, students will be eligible to take a retake on an alternate, but similar, assessment

    World Studies – Mr. Koops

         In World Studies, students are starting their unit on Northern, Central, and Southern Asia. They are completing their preparations for the World Religions Common Assessment. The common Assessment will be given on Thursday, February 20. It is worth 90 Content Indicator points

         This weeks' homework packet  is titled "Russia and the Caucasus Section 3". It was handed out on Thursday, February 13 and due on Tuesday, February 18. It is worth 44 Success Habits points.

    Science – Mr. Barrett

    **Please see Mr. Barrett about what you will be doing in Science this week** 

    Language Arts – Mr. Searle

    Monday - President's Day Holiday  

    Tuesday - Grammar, Red Hot Roots - Root Word Packet

    Wednesday - Grammar, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 1 Reading In-Class

    Thursday - Grammar, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 2 Reading In-Class

    Friday - Library Day - Grammar, Roll of Thunder... Chapter 1 and 2 Comprehension questions and discussion

    **Independent Reading Assignments: 

    Your 3rd Choice novel and all weekly activities were DUE on Friday, February 7th - make sure those are turned in ASAP

    **We will be checking-in books this week for our 4th Independent Reading Project - DUE Friday, March 20th 

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