BCES Distance Learning

  • I hope you are staying healthy and sane. Social distancing has definitely brought a new dimension into our lifestyles that will take some adjusting. Teachers will be working on Distance Learning opportunities that will start Tuesday, March 31st. Although there is no expectation of graded assignments for the next two weeks that doesn’t mean that we don’t all have participation expectations. Many of you received correspondences with suggestions from teachers that were optional if you needed/wanted something for your children to do over the extended spring break. As we move into Remote Learning, the expectation will move from optional to expected.

    Teachers will be communicating with you via a weekly newsletter. These newsletters will contain information regarding how to access materials in the areas of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and other curricular areas. Specials teachers will also be included in the weekly newsletters to offer activities in their areas for your child’s ongoing connection to learning. The reason for the weekly newsletter is to give you a road map of the week ahead as we realize that you may have more than one child at home or your child/children may be spending time with others while you work and completing assignments at a specified time may not work for your family. Please monitor your email on the morning of Tuesday, March 31st, for communication from your child’s teacher. If you need assistance with logins or platform access, please reach out to your student’s teacher. If they cannot help, they will forward your concerns to others who will assist you. You can expect weekly newsletters that will provide a road map for the week every Tuesday morning until we are allowed to return to in-person instruction within the school building. You can also expect daily correspondences from teachers.

    Thank you for your support during the coming weeks. Our top priority is your child’s safety, followed closely by a desire to keep them learning and curious to the extent we can during this extended time. I appreciate your patience as we work together on this new endeavor. We understand that the independence and experience levels depending on the age of your child will impact and guide us moving forward. Keep in mind technology is great when it works how we want it to work. We need to be patient, exercise flexibility, and most importantly, take care of ourselves! We can’t replicate the social interaction/community of school, so please take time to dust off board games, make cookies, take the dog for a walk, or whatever re-energizes you so that you can be there for others AND let us know how we can support you. Don’t forget there are many community resources available, too. Together, we will get through this experience-Go Team!!!

  • Preschool

    Preschool students will not be expected to engage in online learning environments. However, preschool classroom staff will connect families with resources and recommended activities to support distance learning on a weekly basis.


    • Weekly Newsletter with Daily emails
    • Google Classroom - links set up, bank of reinforcing songs/activities/videos/brain breaks
    • Responsive Classroom: Daily Message and Sharing question - students respond to question (5 min)
    • Brain Breaks/songs - (10 min)
    • Reading: Target from Ecar  (uploaded video of teacher explaining target and lesson), Scholastic at home learn/Raz-Kids/MobyMax, games and activities to support target and reinforce phonemic awareness, typing response to reading questions (character, setting, etc.) (30 min) 
    • Writing: Uploaded video of teacher writing and explaining daily lesson (target), students write and send pic of their writing (20 min)
    • Math: EDM curriculum - daily lessons, e-tools, enrichment activities - MobyMax/Rocket Math/abcya! (30 min)
    • Science: Carolina website for curriculum, enrichment activities to support daily lesson - MobyMax, Discovery Education - video and game/activity (15 min)
    • Social Studies: Maps/World - Past/Present, TCI, Discovery Education/MobyMax (15min)

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 2 hours is the minimum which would include specials. 

    First Grade

    • Weekly newsletter with daily emails.  
    • Google Classroom for assignments and links.
    • Responsive Classroom for morning meetings, to include message and sharing (trying Google Hangout in smaller groups).
    • Reading: Daily target from Every Child A Reader, Scholastic At Home Learn, Raz-Kids (books listened to, reading recorded, comprehension questions, and targeted assessments), MobyMax (targeted assignments), games and activities to support targets.
    • Writing:  Daily target from Every Child a Writer.  Uploaded video of teacher writing and explaining lesson target.   Students will do follow-on writing and then upload work.
    • Math: EDM curriculum - daily lessons, e-tools, journal pages and included games.  MobyMax and Prodigy (targeted assignments given), Rocket Math, and Brain Pop.
    • Science: Carolina website for curriculum and activities (Sun, Moon, and Stars science unit).  MobyMax, Discovery Education, and Scholastic.
    • Social Studies:  TCI curriculum, Discovery Ed and PebbleGo.  (Maps, Economics, and Research)
    • Additional suggestions for parents:  Code.org and GoNoodle 

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 2 hours is the minimum which would include specials.

    Second Grade: Weekly newsletter with daily updates/messages emailed to parents

    Morning Meeting - 5 min

    • Google Classroom, morning message and sharing question
    • SeeSaw
    • Flip Grid

    Reading - 30 min

    • EPIC, RazKids, PebbleGo, Storyline Online
    • Reading Response Menu
    • Demonstrated Reading Videos with ECAR targets

    Math - 30 min

    • EDM4, student journal pages, HomeLinks, online math games
    • Rocket Math Online, Prodigy, Moby Max
    • Math Games

    Writing - 30 min

    • Writing prompts with ECAW targets
    • Creative Writing
    • Grammar and Spelling Activities

    Social Studies - 20 min

    • TCI 
    • Discovery Ed

    Science - 20 min

    • Generation Genius videos and activities
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Brain Pop Jr. and activities
    • Earth Materials Activities from Carolina

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 2 hours is the minimum which would include specials. 

    Third Grade:

    • For Math, we will utilize EDM, Brainpop Jr., Discovery ED, Moby Max, our powerpoints for the lessons, Google Classroom/Hangout, and if time allows, Kahoots.
    • For Reading, we will utilize ECAR, Reading Plus, C.A.R.S. Tests, Scholastic, Newsela, Reading A-Z (Raz Kids), and Google Classroom/Hangout
    • For Writing, we will use TrueFlix, PebbleGo, ECAW, Google Classroom/Hangout
    • For Science and Social Studies, we will use TCI, DiscoveryEd, Brainpop Jr. and the online curriculum for our Science materials
      • We will also include Mrs. Teres and Mrs. Schuh for our SPED and GT learners.

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 2.5 hours is the minimum which would include specials.

    Fourth Grade:
    Math - Students will log into Google Classroom for videos, assignments, and resources

    • Students will use EDM assignments and online journal
    • We will use Moby Max for supplemental practice
    • Quizziz for extra activities and practice

    Reading - Students will use Google Classroom to access activities

    • Common Core - comprehension work
    • Reading plus (at least 10 min per day)
    • Read Works - articles to respond to prompts using “Write Now Right Now” structure
    • Wordly Wise books - Quizzez will be used with Wordly Wise words

    Science - Students will use Google classroom 

    • Websites to support current lessons will be posted
    • Pearson Science book will be used for information and students will respond to questions using their Science notebooks.

    SS - Students will use Google Classroom 

    • Colorado history museum virtual tours to answer questions
    • Colorado Story online book with activities posted in Google Classroom.
    • Quizzez will be used for extra activities if needed

    (Students will work on SS one week and science the next. We will revise this if we need to depending on how long remote learning lasts.)

    Writing - Student will use Google Classroom

    • Writing will be in response to reading assignments and SS readings. Students will respond to prompts using Write Now, Right Now structure.
    • We will have students work with targets in conjunction with their responses to questions to continue working on grammar and structure.

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 2.5 hours is the minimum which would include specials 

    Fifth Grade: Weekly Newsletter to parents 

    Math (60min)

    • Students will continue to use their EDM online resources 
    • EDM games
    • Snap it videos, Khan Academy, or Zoom Videos for instruction
    • Prodigy
    • Xtra Math

    Writing (50 min)  through Google Classroom

    • ECAW prompts/targets
    • Grammar using DLI Targets
    • Moby Max 
    • Journaling

    Reading (60 min) through google classroom

    • Storyworks
    • Readworks
    • Reading Plus
    • Wordly Wise for Vocabulary/Spelling by use of Spelling City like site

    Social Studies (40 min alternating with Science)

    • TCI
    • Newsela
    • Discovery Ed
    • LOC.gov for use of primary resources
    • Wonderopolis


    • Pearson online
    • Discovery Ed
    • Generation Genius
    • Wonderopolis

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning  = 3.0 hours is the minimum which would include specials.

    Sixth Grade: Weekly newsletter with daily updates/messages posted to our online platforms (Canvas/Google Classroom)

    Math - Students will log into Canvas daily for videos, assignments, and other online resources

    • Students have math books for Math assignments
    • Khan Academy will be utilized for video lessons and online assignments.
    • Possibly use Quizziz or Kahoot! for supplemental/enrichment activities
    • May include online projects depending on how long we are out of school

    Social Studies - Students will use TCI online for most resources

    • Google classroom and other online resources (Time, Newseala,...)

    Science - Students will use Google classroom for the Space Unit

    • Additional online resources will be provided- Space Science Resource Sites 
    • Pearson Science cannot be used for this unit (no Space units in book), so sites or uploaded reading material will be provided
    • Students can continue to use their Interactive Science Composition Book for their notes or just use Google Docs to attach to the Google Classroom unit.
    • May include Space Unit Project (online research) - depending on how long we are out of  school 

    Reading - Students will log into Google Classroom daily for updates on Reading assignments

    • Reading and writing assignments will be assigned and turned in through Google Classroom
    • Reading Plus will also be assigned on a weekly basis

    Writing - Student will log into the Reading Google classroom for writing assignments

    • Details of the writing assignments will be shared each week via the 6th-grade newsletter

    Recommended time students are engaged in learning = 3.0 hours is the minimum which would include specials.