Poetry from our staff and families

  • “When It’s Tomorrow, Let’s Live like We are Today”

    We are all hoping and praying for a “tomorrow”,
    One that brings us a day without fear and sorrow.

    Our today is filled with moments of time,
    Time spending with our children
    In the midst of our chaos, we are finding that these precious moments can be sublime.

    Our today is one of recognizing that the generations who preceded us
    Still need our patience, our time and respect
    For they are the ones who deserve our protection through acts of kindness, we must.

    Our today is slowly passing by it seems
    In the hours of school work, sibling squabbles, and financial questions
    We grow through these hours, the ones that define us to our core when things feel extreme.

    Our tomorrow will come upon us quickly
    Back to the moments of hustle and bustle
    The memories of walks, talks, family dinners, and absence of social touch will disappear swiftly.

    Our tomorrow will bring us new challenges and possibly new fear
    May it be though... we will show that as a family we have grown
    That our “today” taught us most importantly...that things may never be clear..

    Yet, our tomorrow will be driven by what we learned today
    That the presence of hope, patience, and love define the character of our tomorrows
    As we try our best to understand our today.


    Covid-19 is on everybody’s mind
    caused by a virus of a very mean kind.
    It has taken over our whole big planet
    from Michael to Rachel to Paul to Janet.
    It’s really not easy to adjust and cope
    since we’re often scared and sometimes we mope.
    But we are in this together so let’s make a pact
    we can change our attitude, that is a fact.
    Let’s enjoy the ones we’re with day in and day out
    laugh, read, go for walks but do not pout.
    Let’s take kindness and patience to heart
    we are in this together - 6 feet apart.


    What do you mean!?
    I’m already so clean,
    Why are we still dealing with this horrible COVID-19?
    Person by person the coronavirus spreads.
    And we’re all stuck at home with no bread.
    We used to be in school until four.
    And that was a bore.
    Not anymore.
    We're stressing out our parents with technology school.
    And a note for you teachers: this is not cool.
    My trips and vacations have all been postponed.
    After my family heard that we all groaned.
    My extreme dream is that we’ll all be back at Bear Creek
    Next week