LPMS Distance Learning

  • LPMS will deliver distance learning services as follows:

    The first two weeks, March 31 - April 10,  we will use this time to get comfortable with the format and resources to ensure staff and students are able to work and learn successfully.

    We will prepare and implement plans for grading and assessment remotely beginning the week of April 13.

    • Mondays will be reserved for Staff Development, planning, and preparation for each week of remote learning.  
    • It is unknown how long the need for distance learning will continue.


    • Email will be the best method to contact the school during the COVID-19 closure.
      • If you would like to have a phone conversation, please send an email to request a call.  
      • Calls and emails should typically be responded to within 24 hours, excluding weekends.  
      • Please know that because staff will be working remotely, calls will be coming from a “private caller” listing. 
    • 7th Grade - Please contact the following by email for support: Lanette Prosseda - lprosseda@lewispalmer.org, or Bill Kissell - bkissell@lewispalmer.org, (719) 785-4237
    • 8th Grade - Please contact the following by email for support: Pascale Hartmetz - phartmetz@lewispalmer.org or Amy Sienkowski - asienkowski@lewispalmer.org, (719)867-8241


    • Students will be expected to complete learning activities and assignments daily. Attendance will be measured by participation and task completion. It is therefore imperative that you contact the school, using the information listed above if you are having issues accessing class learning information. 


    • Ensure students have access to a device and the internet.
    • Ensure students set up a remote learning location in the home.
    • Support the continuation of your student’s learning by upholding an expectation of logging on and completing all tasks and assignments daily.  
    • Contact the school using the information on the Communications and Updates page to address any issues.
    • Check and stay up to date with the grade level team newsletter.  


    • Students will need to ensure they have an internet connection at home.  
    • Know your logins and passwords.
    • Know how to contact your school from home.
    • Know how to contact the teacher through your Chromebook, laptop, or iPad.
    • Set up a place to focus on learning at home.
    • Have a few independent reading books.
    • Access course learning daily and complete all tasks and assignments.  

    Exceptional Students Services Department

    The Exceptional Student Services Department will provide additional support to students and their families during the school closure. Our nurses will be available to answer questions and provide resources related to COVID-19 and general health. Special education professionals will coordinate with classroom teachers to provide support to students with disabilities. Students receiving services from related service providers will continue to receive these supports through phone, text, Google Hangout, and other mediums dependent on individual student needs. 

    While we recognize that not all students will be adequately served via this format, the department is coordinating efforts to ensure student educational needs are met to the greatest extent possible during these unique circumstances. 

    Gifted and Talented:

    The Gifted & Talented Department will coordinate to provide additional support to students with Advanced Learning Plans.