PRHS Remote Learning

  • Please understand that this information may change; we are updating these pages frequently as we refine plans and make adjustments.

    Schools are now closed to in-person classes through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Although we are not qualified to replace learning with eLearning, we are able to make a good faith effort and provide opportunities for remote learning for our students including live-streaming class lectures and discussions, distributing assignments and homework, and pre-recording lessons. We know that we cannot duplicate in-person experiences and that we can’t provide students with the materials and applications they may need to fully engage in the learning objectives for all courses. We are seeking continuity of education and learning connections for our students.

    During the March 30 to April 10 window, we will not be grading assignments or administering assessments. This is a district agreement. This 2-week window gives us time to know more about the remote learning process and allows us to plan accordingly.

    March 30 will be a Staff Development day and used to distribute devices at Big Red. Remote learning begins on March 31. To the extent possible, we will try to keep continuity with the daily school schedule.

    Contact your teacher with questions about how to access course materials and how to turn in assignments. If you need help with a district-issued Chromebook device, email; be sure to include your name and as much specific information as you can about the problem.