Mr. Mark Searle



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mark Searle

LPMS 7-Silver English Language Arts

 I am excited to be taking over for Mr. Feathers’ 7th Grade-Silver Language Arts class, and I am looking forward to having your son or daughter in class with me for the remainder of school year! I have been an English teacher for seventeen years, teaching both middle school and high school. I graduated from UNLV in Las Vegas and started my teaching career teaching middle school in Nevada. For the last fourteen years, I have been proud to call Colorado home. I spent ten years teaching at Gunnison High School on the Western Slope of Colorado, and my last four years of teaching were spent at Manitou Springs High School. I have experience teaching English, theater, and yearbook publications classes. I have also spent a number of years coaching volleyball.

I am very happy to have found this unique opportunity in this amazing school district. I know it will be a good fit for me, and I have had a great time over these last two weeks getting to know some fantastic kids! I’ve included some basic information of what to expect, where we are going with units and novels moving forward. The basic expectations, rules, policies, and course description set forth by Mr. Feathers should still be the same. If you have any questions for me, or if you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 Course Description

The Colorado Department of Education sets forth Standards for English/Language Arts. These standards include an emphasis in Reading, Writing, and Communication (Oral Expression & Listening, Reading for All Purposes, Writing & Composition, and Research & Reasoning).  Units of study, projects, and daily activities will follow these standards. Speaking and listening will be integral to many assignments, and there will be multiple opportunities for students to speak and present to the class. Writing skills will include paragraphing, essay writing, using adjectives and adverbs, phrases, clauses, pronouns, modifiers, and a variety in sentence length. There will be an opportunity to do a small research project. The literature strand will include class novels, choice novels, short story, poetry, and nonfiction with additional emphasis on critical thinking, interpretation, and literary analysis. For more information and for a complete list of the Colorado Standards, please visit the following Colorado Department of Education website:

 Units of Study

  • Grammar (Fix It Daily Grammar Program)
  • Poetry (Memorization Project, Styles, Structures)
  • Essay Writing (Expository, Descriptive, Narrative, Persuasive, Research)
  • Greek and Latin Roots (Red Hot Roots program)
  • Novels:
    • Refugee, by Alan Gratz (currently finishing mid-October)
    • A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens (November-December before December Break)
    • Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lit Circles (Jan & Feb)
    • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, by Mildred D. Taylor (March & April)
    • Monthly Independent Reading “Choice” Novels


Three-ring notebook

Dividers (grammar/writing notes, literature notes, handouts, returned work)

A blank spiral notebook or composition book for daily journals (8 ½ x 11)

Loose-leaf, college-ruled paper


A school email account for saving work/turning in work

Behavioral Expectations

Each student is expected to come to class on time, prepared, and willing to work. All school rules and codes of conduct outlined in the student handbook will be enforced. Make sure you are familiar with these expectations – especially ones regarding tardiness, dress code, bullying, and disruptive behavior. All infractions are documented, dated, and initialed in a classroom documentation book.


Class and Group Participation:

All students are expected to participate in class activities, including discussions and group collaboration projects. Active listening, contributing to conversations & projects, encouragement and constructive criticism are expected from students at various points of the semester and will be assessed as part of their grade.


Major writing assignments will be assessed using a 6-trait writing rubric. You will always receive a rubric for all major writing assignments so you know exactly what is expected for a given task. You will always have in-class support for essay assignments. It is your responsibility to refer to the rubric as you complete the assignment to ensure you are meeting the requirements.


Student reading comprehension is assessed through class and small group discussions, writing assignments, projects, oral presentations, journals, quizzes, and tests.  

Presentations and Projects

Demonstration of content knowledge is the primary focus in all presentations and projects. However, speaking ability, your ability to actively listen to others, and visual aides/use of technology are also assessed.

Additional Assessments:

Tests, pop quizzes, short writing assignments, teacher/student conferences, and activities are additional assessments used throughout the semester to assess student understanding and content knowledge.

Late Work:

Late work will be accepted based on individual needs and circumstances. Content Indicator assignments (75% of final grade) are important, so I know that the student is able to meet certain standards.  Success Habit grades (25% of final grade) may be affected by chronically late work. Late assignments will be entered as “Missing” in the gradebook which will calculate as a zero. It is important to get missing work turned in as soon as possible. Any work more than two weeks late will be considered “Missing,” and students will need to conference with me to see what we can do. Likewise, any work missing at the end of the quarter cut-off date for posting grades will be considered “Missing.”

7 Silver Team Schedule

  • Normal

    7:23 to 8:30 - A1
    8:35 to 9:35 - A2
    9:40 to 10:40 - A3
    10:45 to 12:20 - A4 and Access
    12:20 to 12:50 - Lunch
    12:50 to 1:40 - E1
    1:45 to 2:34 - E2

    Delayed Start

    9:23 - 10:15 - A1

    10:20 - 11:05 - A2

    11:10 -11:55 - A3

    12:00 - 12:35 - A4

    12:35 - 1:00 - Lunch

    1:30 - 2:00 - E1

    2:05 - 2:34 -E2