PLES Library December 2021
  • Welcome to the PLES Library Media Center

    Have you seen our library? A wall of curved windows and bookshelves abound. It's a beautiful and comfortable place to relax with a great book! We have a full array of fiction and non-fiction literature and reference materials that promote active learning and academic achievement. Our library is organized to encourage developmental reading from step-by-step early readers to sixth-grade fiction and non-fiction.

    How do we help our emerging readers?

    • We now have a section to help our kindergarten and first-grade students transition from storybooks to beginner-level chapter books.
    • Our sixth-grade-only section is expanding to benefit those readers developing beyond elementary literature and references.
    • Many of our resources follow our CKLA curriculum to encourage further exploration of class subjects.
    • Reading and poetry contests will be offered throughout the year with prizes. 
    • Our New Book for the Library contest will be drawn every month! This offers an opportunity for students to request more books for the library.  If their name is drawn, their appropriate book of choice will be ordered. They will have the first opportunity to check it out. This keeps popular titles available to all students.

    Meet Your Librarian  

    There's no better way to see the growth of every student through reading than right here in the library. It's an opportunity to introduce each student to a world of fun facts and help each one broaden their imagination. There's no limit to what they can explore and I have the opportunity to show them.

    This October will be my second full year in the library. I'm excited about returning to such a great group of students. I can't wait to see their advancement and help them find new books for their growing reading levels.

    - Mrs. Huffman


    Battle of the Books Club


    Fifth graders have the opportunity to join the Battle of the Books Club. BoB challenges students to read more and retain their learned information. They analyze, debate, and discuss the books they've read through games, quizzes, and friendly discussions. The club meets from September to May. Students will meet for 20 minutes, twice a week. Please be on the lookout, fifth-grade parents, for more details in Thursday folders. 

    View the latest list of 40 books on the Pikes Peak Battle of the Books website.