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    All students are encouraged to have a good book to read at all times. Toward that goal, students are offered many opportunities to check out books from our Library Media Center. 


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  • Alwais, Kymberly

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    *Parents are responsible for monitoring the books their child selects and downloads. 


    Worlds Unseen

    (AGES 11+) 

    The Time Machine

    (AGES 10+) 

    Fairy tale

     (AGES 5-13) 

    Lost Pony

     (AGES 9-12) 


     (AGES 7-12) 


    (AGES 4-9) 


     (AGES 5-10) 

    No Way Out

    (AGES 12+) 

    the witch

    (AGES 5-11) 

    The Quest

    (AGES 4+) 

    The Legen

     (AGES 4+) 

    White Eyed

    (AGES 4+) 


    (AGES 6-12)  

    the zoo

     (Ages 8+) 


    (AGES 7+) 

    Happy Monsters

    (AGES 3-10) 

    Julia Jones

    (AGES 8-12) 


    (AGES 4-8) 

     Early Readers

    (AGES 2-6) 


    (AGES 3-5) 

    Kids Animal

    (AGES 3-8)  


     (AGES 4-8)Save