Gifted and Talented Education

  • Welcome to the Gifted Education Department at Ray E. Kilmer Elementary School where gifted and high achieving students are nurtured and challenged.

    A variety of courses are offered depending on the needs of the students including math and reading groups. Acceleration and enrichment opportunities are the core components of all grade level activities with differentiation in the regular classroom standard practice.

    There are many opportunities to be challenged in the regular classroom, but when a student qualifies as a gifted learner- the top 4% of the student population, he/she may receive direct accelerated and enriched curriculum in the discipline in which he/she qualifies. These opportunities take place during their homeroom math and reading times so as not to interfere with other disciplines. 

For More Information:

  • Mechtly, Maggie
    Gifted and Talented
    Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator

    (719) 757-1674