Bearbotics (Robotics)

  • Robotics The Palmer Ridge Bearbotics Team represents Lewis-Palmer School District #38 at the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) annually. FIRST stands for "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology" and is a program that celebrates the innovation and ingenuity of students who like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But it's more than just STEM subjects, it's business, manufacturing, community relations, project management, and leadership. Membership is open to any high school student in District 38.  

    Every year, on the first Saturday in January, FIRST presents to over 3,600 teams worldwide a game which we must design, build, and program a robot from scratch to play in just six weeks!  The challenge always involves using the robot to manipulate game pieces on a field along with an alliance of two other teams' robots to score points.  The team who scores the most points wins the match. 

    The robotics team started in 2012 and in that rookie season, we won the Rookie Inspiration Award, which celebrates a rookie team's outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering and engineers, both within their school and their community. 

    So, if you like to build robots, take things apart and put them together just to see how they work, want to inspire youth and our community about STEM subjects and the awesome things you can do with it, or want to learn project management skills, how to lead people and run a "business", work side by side with business professionals and learn skills transferable to the work world, or even just experiment to help you decide on what you'd like to do after you graduate, come on out and give us a try! We guarantee you'll have a lot of fun and learn cool things along the way! 

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