Mrs. Michelle Kante ("Kahn-tay")

Phone: (719) 488-4750


Degrees and Certifications:

BA, Fine Art Masters work in Art, Education and Organizational Leadership Active Certifications in the state of Colorado and Florida in: K-6 Elementary Education Gifted Education Art K-12

Mrs. Michelle Kante ("Kahn-tay")

My name is Michelle Kante and I look forward to learning every day from your children, the LPES families and staff.

Being the LPES Gifted Educational Facilitator is an exciting and diverse role.

I've grown up as a highly gifted multi-talented child among highly gifted and talented family members in a cosmopolitan/international environment.

I converse in several languages and I am a professional artist as well as an active vocalist, musician and writer.

I enjoy dance, hiking and life-long learning. 

I have a beautiful child who is a joy to me and is in a gifted program.

I am also blessed to have a wonderful husband and loving father who is a very gifted musician. 

I have taught visual art in both private and public education sectors from Kindergarten thru college age students/adults. Additionally, I have been a gifted classroom teacher in a public school setting. 

As a professional artist, I have exhibited my artwork in local public spaces in the state of Florida, sold artwork to individual buyers and created work for non-profit organizations.

Silver Chrome by Michelle Kante

Most importantly, I carry in my heart a sincere empathy and love for gifted and talented children and adults including children and adults who are identified as twice exceptional.

My desire is to be a highly effective advocate for your child's specialized needs and empower him/her to self-advocate for his/her academic, social, emotional needs. I also believe it is very important for gifted children to learn how to be flexible, resilient and develop their character and ability to positively relate to the world and people around them. These skills and training will prepare them to be transformative in their future impact in society.

Finally, please note that I highly honor and value you as a parent and respect your primary role and influence in your child's life.

Parents of gifted and talented, twice exceptional children also need positive encouragement and practical support through accessible resources and edifying relationships.

Our communication is critical to me. My preferred method of communication is 1) in person 2) phone call  3) E-mail. These are preferences not requirements.

I am aware of how involved your family life is and I want to be certain that you have more than one choice of communication that accommodates your lifestyle.

Please note that my turnaround time for answering a voicemail or email is 24 hours. I do not respond to messages over the weekends.

If I receive your message on a Friday, I will respond by the end of the day Monday.

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