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Message from Karen Brofft

“Almost all governments have […] made it a principal object of their attention, to establish and endow with proper revenues, such seminaries of learning, as might supply the succeeding age with men qualified to serve the public with honour to themselves.”
Benjamin Franklin,
Proposals Related to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania, 1749 

Lewis-Palmer School District along with RTA Architects and Western Demographics recently hosted our first community open house providing the results of the physical assessment of LPSD buildings and a demographic study. Last spring, LPSD contracted with RTA Architects to provide long-range facilities planning and consultation services in light of the significant growth in the Tri-Lakes area. This open house was the first opportunity for the public to hear these initial findings and provide feedback. We formed a Facilities Planning Committee which will consider options and present possible solutions to the community at future open houses scheduled for April 10 and 12. 

I am encouraged when I experience the support of this community around providing appropriately for our children. Your investments in our children’s education touch the future – theirs and ours. Benjamin Franklin had strong ideas about education in 1749 which remain sound today. He stated, “The good education of youth has been esteemed by wise men in all ages, as the surest foundation of the happiness of both private families and of commonwealths.” LPSD does an excellent job of preparing our students for their next steps and future happiness. Their education - as Franklin references - impacts the foundation of happiness and wellbeing of this community. In order for this community to flourish, we need a strong educational base alongside thriving businesses all supported by invested and committed community members. The success of these interdependent relationships is what makes this community such an appealing place. 

Today, LPSD and educators across this country strive to educate our youth with shrinking budgets and aging facilities. The Tri-Lakes community remains a desirable location for residents and a sound investment. Not only is this area beautiful, it is full of people who daily exemplify the richness of connection. We have volunteers of all ages supporting various causes. We offer excellent educational resources. We have diverse businesses. Colorado is not the only state that has educational funding issues that need addressed. LPSD provides many resources about school funding in Colorado on our website and Facebook page. I encourage you to research for yourself. What difference can we make? As a community, we need to continue to pull together, pool our resources, and provide appropriately for the future. 

Education opens doors, provides opportunities, and builds confidence. This area provides numerous activities and services which promote education, the arts, and community involvement.  All of these entities enhance our quality of life.